Gisele, Baby's ATV Ride Stirs Controversy

Gisele Bundchen is causing a stir after riding an ATV carrying her daughter without wearing protective gear this week.

Photos of the supermodel driving an ATV on the beach in Costa Rica while carrying one-year-old Vivian emerged online Monday, causing critics to lash out.

While Bundchen is very vocal about the benefits of breastfeeding and is constantly sharing photos proving she is a hands-on mother, the model is under fire for the unsafe act of riding the four-wheel vehicle with baby Vivian.

The model had her child strapped to her chest, but was driving the vehicle with neither passenger wearing a helmet, according to photos at TMZ

Many Twitter users are accusing the model of having poor judgment and even of being reckless since ATV's have caused hundreds of injuries in the past.

"Cute photo, bad judgment," Twitter user Sara wrote.

"Safety first… is not exactly a priority for Gisele," TMZ wrote.

Moreover, Bundchen did the same thing back when Vivian was just three-months-old, according to TMZ.

This is not the first time Tom Brady's wife has stirred controversy when it comes to her baby daughter.

Last year, the supermodel was on vacation with her family when she shared a photo of Vivian on the beach wearing a necklace and pierced ears, complete with earrings in them.

Bundchen's decision to pierce her baby's ears when she was just 8-months-old sparked a heated debate amongst parents who disagreed on what age is appropriate for wearing real earrings.

"Pierced ears showing on an ultrasound might be too soon," one Twitter user wrote. "Get over it! In many cultures, babies have earrings b4 going home from birth."

Twitter user Allison added, "Gisele Bundchen taking crap over her daughter's pierced ears? I dislike pierced ears on babies, but its been done for YEARS. She's not the 1st"

Meanwhile, Bundchen is not the only celebrity to come under fire over parenting matters. In October, Pink combatted online trolls after allowing her daughter on a motorcycle ride.

The "Don't Let Me Get Me" singer is married to moto-racer Carey Hart who took their two-year-old daughter Willow on a BMX ride.

While the outing was safe and enjoyed by all, social media users unleashed an attack on Hart and Pink, causing Pink to defend herself.

"If any of u have more experience on a bike than my husband, then I will listen to your opinions on how we should take my daughter for a ride," the 34-year-old mom wrote on Twitter.

"I can't promise I will care, but I will listen none the less," she added.