Gisele Bundchen 5-Year-Old Niece Stirs Controversy as Fashion Designer (VIDEO)

The newest designer to hit the fashion world is has created quite a stir of controversy. The new fashionista is Duda Bunchen, niece to model Gisele Bundchen, who is only five years old. Some say that's just not possible.

The 5 year-old will reportedly design for Brandili Mundi, for whom her aunt Giselle has modeled for years.

"She told us about her preferences in prints, cuts, and details, and based on the briefing we received from her we came up with a collaborative collection," the company's marketing director Germano Costa said in Forbes magazine.

The news has startled some who say that it is not only impractical for a five year old to design clothes, but also potentially wrong.

"Give me a break. This is easily one of the dumbest things I have ever heard of," Courtney J wrote on the Yahoo blog.

"These clothes were designed by a 5 year old girl? where's the glitter, unicorns, rainbows, kittens, tulle and scratch-n-sniff details?" Daya asked.

"The colors I like best in clothes are blue and pink," Duda revealed to Caras Online. "I love butterflies."

Although the collection does include a blue shirt and a pink dress, the frills and thrills do seem to be lacking, and the only butterfly is one that is pinned to every outfit that the five year-old models during a two-and-a-half minute promo for the line.

Some also argued that it was wrong to suggest that five year old design a fashion line, remarking that it takes away from the young girl's childhood.

"Brazil is demented to begin with, but these marketing people are really out to steal our kids' childhood. A 5-year-old being touted as a 'fashionista'? Really????" Emel questioned.

Duda's parents have however insisted that they have only gone along with the scheme because it makes their daughter happy.

"Raquel and I are here because of her, not because of us," Duda's father Paulo Borges remarked. "To see the joy in our daughter is what matters most."