Giuliana and Bill Rancic Reveal Surrogate Used for Their Baby

Giuliana and Bill Rancic have opened up about the gestational surrogate mother who they chose to carry their first child after recently announcing that they are expecting a baby this summer.

"[She's] a really nice girl who comes from a good family. Knock on wood, but I think we hit the gestational carrier lottery!" Bill told Us Weekly magazine.

"We go to this great clinic called CCRM and it was through our doctor, Dr. Schoolcraft, who referred us to the agency. That's how we found [her]," Giuliana said.

The reality star couple, who has been married for five years, was left devastated last year when their long-term plans to have a child were suddenly crushed.

After several failed IVF attempts, a miscarriage, and Giuliana's breast cancer diagnosis, the couple was told to wait at least "three to five years" before trying to conceive in a bid to protect Giuliana's health.

The couple, who has been very public about their struggles to conceive on their reality TV show "Giuliana & Bill," underwent a series of IVF treatments with the hopes of getting Giuliana pregnant.

"If she'd gotten pregnant, it probably wouldn't have been a very good outcome because of all the hormones- it would have made the cancer surge. So [surrogacy] was the best option," Bill said.

"Everything happens for a reason, and we believe this is meant to be and the way it was supposed to work out," he added.

The pair was nervous about selecting a surrogate but insisted that their choice was instinctual, and that they were extremely thankful to the surrogate who agreed to carry their genetic child.

"Once we met her it was an instinct we had. We could tell she was a great person," Giuliana told People magazine.

Doctors had fertilized Giuliana's egg with Bill's sperm and frozen the embryo before implanting it inside their gestational carrier.

"The baby is 100 percent genetically ours. It's our embryo," Bill said.

The couple is forever grateful for the surrogate who has agreed to carry their child.

"She is giving us the greatest gift we're ever getting in our lives. She's so selflessly helping make our dream a reality. We adore her," Giuliana said.