Giuliana Rancic on Breast Cancer: 'This Baby Saved my Life'

E! News host Giuliana Rancic has been diagnosed with breast cancer after undergoing a mammogram during her third attempt to get pregnant, via in vitro fertilization.

“Through my attempt to get pregnant for the third time, we sadly found out that I have early stages of breast cancer.” The audience was expecting the 37-year-old to announce her pregnancy- “but sadly, we’ve had to put that off,” Rancic announced Monday on NBC’s “The Today Show.”

“I still want this baby… Because this baby saved my life,” Rancic said. “I truly feel like God was looking after me… If I had gotten pregnant later down the line, I could have been a lot sicker.”

In undergoing a mammogram during the IVF treatment, doctors were able to diagnose Rancic’s condition at such an early stage that treatment will be successful.

“I think our story has a happy ending and that’s a good thing,” Rancic’s husband, Bill, told NBC. “It’s very treatable, it’s 100 percent treatable when you catch it early and that’s what the main message is I think. You’ve got to get after this thing sooner rather than later.”

The famous TV personality and her husband have publicly battled fertility issues and open discuss their attempts to get pregnant while on air.

The couple’s reality television show, “Giuliana and Bill,” on the Style Network chronicled their commencement of in vitro fertilization in March 2010.

After becoming pregnant in the spring, Rancic miscarried after eight weeks, and attempted in vitro a second time in November 2010.

Rancic divulged that she was in the early stages of breast cancer in order to encourage young girls to be vigilant about their health.

“I think her goal was to send a message to all the young girls out there and I don’t think it could have gone any better,” added Bill.

Rancic’s fans have flooded social media sites with prayers and words of comfort.

Bill Rancic tweeted Tuesday, “Thank you for all ur love & support today. G is reading all your messages. She will win this fight, I PROMISE, & be back better than ever.”

In raising awareness of breast cancer, Rancic will appear on an E! special interview set to air tonight.