Giuliana Rancic Still Filming After Breast Cancer

Giuliana Rancic the E! TV personality, who last month revealed she was diagnosed with breast cancer, will continue filming for her reality show in a bid to help others.

The Giuliana & Bill star who publicly broke the news last month, is said to be doing well after undergoing a double lumpectomy.

Apprentice winner and husband Bill Rancic spoke to the Today show saying, “She pulled through it and was kind of relieved to get it over with and to get the cancer out."

Although most women are expected to take extended time off for recovery, it’s been reported that the inspiring and strong 36-year-old returned to work in less than seven days.

In a recent interview with, Rancic spoke about her decision to publicize her diagnosis and continue filming her struggles with the early stage disease explaining that, “It's worth it to kind of sacrifice some of my personal life to help others."

She went on to explain, "We just felt like with every trial and tribulation we've put on this show, people have told us how much they learned from it and how it made them feel less alone.”

The graceful couple who wed back in 2007 in Italy, give viewers a candid look into their married life particularly focusing on their struggles to conceive.

Rancic who openly shares her IVF experiences doesn’t hold back when it comes to filming saying, “We actually got used to having the cameras around pretty quickly.”

Although critics suggest the brunette beauty should consider taking more time off to ensure a full recovery, Rancic appears to be more concerned with creating awareness and helping others saying, “We thought that was a pretty incredible opportunity. The fact that we can help people through our show is an honor. We're happy to do it and it's something that we continue to do. We really are like open books.”

Rancic's E! co-anchor Ryan Seacrest is said to have offered his support.