Giving God a Good Reputation

Dear Christian Post,
My name is Frank Cavalli, author of the story, “Before the Beginning Began.”

As I look at the world around me I see a generation of children that are being deceived, confused and influenced by the craftiness of the enemies of the faithful. Gradually, we have seen God taken out of our schools, Christ taken out of Christmas, the Ten Commandments removed from our Courts and now the evidence of “In God We Trust” becoming an issue on the face of our money. Even though the media elite are in the minority they have the unlimited resources of the power of communication to influence public opinion.

The following example is one result of that influence.

After I had read my story at a book signing I asked a child, “How did you like the story?”

He said, “I like it. It gives God a good reputation.”

At first I laughed but then I asked, “Why do you say that?”

He said, “Because people think that God must have done something wrong because you’re not allowed to talk about Him in school!”

That is not funny. That is very sad.

God chose to put the message in “Before the Beginning Began” on my heart and guided my hands and will to make this book a reality. Within it is a poetic vision, a seed that will be planted in the hearts of its young readers. Then with unwavering faith, they will pursue that vision throughout their lives as great defenders of their faith, understanding their gracious status as children of a loving and all powerful Father.

“Before the Beginning Began” is a story that will help us increase our children’s desire to know more about God. It will provide a rare opportunity for discovery and intimacy with God in a way that has never been told before.

It was once said, “What you will have in your life tomorrow will be determined by what is in your heart today.” Now my mission is to put this anointed message in the hands of those willing to bring it into the hearts of the children of this generation all over the world. Our children need our help. Please help spread the message about this story of what it is “like” to be a child of God.

Frank Cavalli
Star Dome Publishing, LLC
Melbourne, FL

CP Reader