Glee and the Trevor Project Alliance Spike Controversy

The hit musical "Glee" has often been accused of promoting a gay agenda. Although members of the cast have frequently disputed that fact, the show continues to promote such lifestyles. In the most recent episode, Glee has partnered with the Trevor Project, a pro-gay teen group.

Last week's episode of "Glee" titled "On My Way" gave massive support to the homosexual community. "'On My Way' felt more like a PSA. It plugged everything from The Trevor Project to Lady Gaga's Born This Way Foundation," Crystal Bell, an associate editor at the Huffington Post wrote.

Part of the episode focuses on Dave Karofsky, a former bully, coming out as gay.

The episode added a public service announcement at the end in support of the Trevor Foundation, and also aired a commercial featuring Daniel Radcliffe as a spokes person for homosexual teens. The episode went on to mention Lady Gaga's born this way foundation, a previous episode titled "Born This Way" also dealt heavily with homosexuality on "Glee."

"This program 'Glee' is not only mocking Christianity but it's promoting deviant sexuality," Bryan Fischer of the American Family Association stated on a segment for

Monica Cole, the One Million Moms spokesperson continued to explain how "Glee" had displayed Christianity in a negative light. Cole referred to an episode where cast members said that "God is a Santa Clause for adults" and suggested that "it's wrong to tell people to believe in a fantasy."

"They have an openly gay student who says he is an atheist more than one time, and they also talk about God like he is a jerk. 'He made me gay, then his followers tell me that I chose to be this way, and then I'm mocked everyday' the character complained. He called God a jerk."

While organizations like "Born This Way" appear to promote the acceptance of others, the site states that it "was founded in 2011 to foster a more accepting society," Christians appear to be outside of that acceptance circle.

Viewers' response to the suggestion that "Glee" was not supportive of the Christian community was harsh. "Aww, we called god a jerk. I thought your god had thicker skin, being a supreme being and all," ‪gz1152 wrote on the Right Wing organizations blog site.

"Right, Bible beaters: YOU make a show that reflects your values that everyone will watch. Oh, hold on: YOU CAN'T because you're talentless, non-creative worms," ‪steerpike66 added.

One Million Moms fears that "Glee" is "normalizing homosexual behavior" while positioning Christians in a negative light. Last year a GLAAD report confirmed that major broadcast networks, including ABC, Fox and The CW, had used at least 23 percent of their primetime programming as "LGBT-inclusive hours" during 2010-2011.