Glenn Beck Boycotts 'Liberal' American Airlines After 'Subhuman' Treatment

Radio personality Glenn Beck has issued a new complaint, this time against American Airlines. Beck has said he was treated badly and made to feel "subhuman." He has since said he will boycott the airline, which has apologized for the incident.

"On the way home I flew American Airlines, a Texas-based airline," Beck said on his talk show. "I, unlike all of the other passengers, was not offered the option of courteous service. I don't know why. My flight attendant nearly- merely barked the word 'breakfast' when he came to me. When others were politely asked if they cared for anything to eat and given the choices, I was just barked at."

That was just the beginning of a bad flight, Beck contended.

"When [the attendant] delivered a soda, he slammed it down so hard, I hesitated to even open the can for fear that it would spray all over other passengers in the cabin. Never once did he look me in the eye. Never once did he offer a kind or even neutral word to me," said the radio host.

Beck also took to Twitter to tell about his ordeal and wrote, "I hope I am the last person who has to experience this type of treatment on AmericanAir."

The airline then responded to Beck's tweet with an apology and a promise to "take these matters seriously" and investigate. "We'll stay in contact with your staff," the airline added.

That, however, has not satisfied Beck, who later called American Airlines "liberal American Airlines" and charged that he was treated rudely because of his political affiliation.

"I have never had service that was specifically designed to make me feel subhuman," he explained.

"Oh, I had it. He put on quite a show as he fawned over the other passengers proudly and loudly performing his life story about being a former Israeli soldier and how he was so proud of the very liberal cities in America," Beck noted.

Beck is known for his vocal opinions, which is what has led to his current role on radio.