Glenn Beck Wants to Hire Tim Tebow?

Tim Tebow may currently be out of a job in the NFL, but the Mormon radio host Glenn Beck wants to employ the evangelical Christian athlete.

Tebow, 25, was officially released from the New York Jets roster in April. While no other team has picked up the Christian quarterback thus far, Beck said he hopes to offer the athlete another employment opportunity off of the football field, according to

"Hopefully, when he no longer has a job, we'll have enough money to be able to hire him do sports for the network," Beck said on Clear Channel Radio. "Seriously, who else would hire him to do even sports? ESPN probably wouldn't hire him. Nobody's going to hire him."

Beck said he believed Tebow's Christian beliefs might make it harder for him to get a job.

"He's too controversial. And think of that," Beck said. "No one's going to hire him because he's religious? It's unbelievable."

Although the future of Tebow's football career has yet to be decided,the Christian athlete has remained positive about his next move.

"I may not know where I'm going next, but I know what's guiding me," Tebow said previously.

During a speaking engagement at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Va. earlier this year, Tebow spoke about football being less important than serving Christ.

"In the end, football is just a silly game," Tebow said. "Greatness comes from serving."

Although the Jets let go of Tebow without giving him the opportunity to start at quarterback, the athlete has spoken positively about the organization publicly.

"I felt like it was a learning opportunity for me," Tebow told ESPN at the close of the season. "There was a lot that I'll take from it. There's a lot that I learned and there are lot of relationships that I've built, so I know that it happened for a reason."