Gloria Gaither on 'The Gaither Homecoming Bible'

Christian singer and songwriter Gloria Gaither has opened up about life on the road and the idea behind "The Gaither Homecoming Bible," a new book written with her husband.

As the wife of Bill Gaither, Gloria has sung in the Bill Gaither Trio- one of the most influential groups in recent Christian music. Moreover, the husband and wife have written and produced over 700 songs, hundreds of recordings, several musicals, and books for both children and adults.

The multi-Grammy and Dove Award-winning duo has seen over 40 years of music. Married for 50 years next summer, the couple decided to compile of a book with 75 of their favorite hymns, Gospel songs, and Gaither songs.

Gloria explained to The Christian Post that her husband's love of harmony and his faith led them to the Homecoming tapings and recordings.

The Gaither Homecoming series grew in popularity after the songwriters had already experienced 30 years of prior success along with worldwide travel. Because of the "phenomenal" response to the Homecoming recordings, the Gaithers were prompted to "come together around great music, save great songs that should never die and can serve generations to come," said Gloria while talking to CP on Monday.

The result of their hard work, "The Gaither Homecoming Bible," was released on Oct. 9.

"The Homecoming Bible came to be because we are thoroughly convinced that God's Word could inspire people of all ages to believe that Scripture is a living thing that speaks to regular people in the trenches of life in this pessimistic and cynical time," the Gaithers explained in an excerpt taken from the book.

The Gaithers joined forces as general editors with leading Christian publisher Thomas Nelson, Inc. for the release.

"We couldn't be happier or more excited to partner with Bill and Gloria for The Gaither Homecoming Bible," said Gary Davidson, senior vice-president of Thomas Nelson, in a press release. "The impact their songs and Homecoming events have made on people's lives aligns with what we hope our products provide- hope, truth, and inspiration. We look forward to a long relationship with the Gaithers and pray this Bible blesses millions of people worldwide."

"The Gaither Homecoming Bible" was written with New King James text serving as a guide. It is complete with 75 hymns and Gospel songs as well as 230 devotionals penned by Homecoming artists describing their connection to Scripture.

"It is our hope that the stories and experiences we and the Homecoming family of singers, writers, and musicians share will encourage and inspire others to find the Word of God to be a living, vital force in our real, walking-around lives," Gloria and Bill Gaither explained in a statement. "But most of all, we hope a developing love for the Scripture will lead those who read it to the One who is the Way, the Truth and the Life."

The Gaithers live in Alexandria, Indiana and have three adult children, Suzanne, Amy, and Benjamin.