'God Eater 3' News: More Details About the Protagonist Revealed, Expected to Differ From Ones Featured in Earlier Installments

God Arc used by the protagonist expected to come with some new features
YouTube courtesy of Bandai Namco Entertainment AmericaA look at 'God Eater 3's' protagonist

"God Eater 3" will once again allow fans to step into the shoes of an unnamed protagonist and follow this character's development throughout the course of the game. However, there will be some things different this time around.

New details about the main character were provided recently by the developers and they hint of a protagonist who will differ in a few ways from those who have starred in earlier installments of the series, Gematsu reported.

First off, it was revealed that this character had bangles on both hands and this was not a detail to be overlooked. As developers hinted, those restraining bangles could be indicators that this protagonist holds a different position in comparison to characters who have been featured in previous "God Eater" titles.

It is possible that the protagonist may even be a prisoner of some kind.

Along with sharing a few new details about the identity of "God Eater 3's" protagonist, developers also provided some interesting nuggets of information related to the weapons that this character may be able to use.

While the protagonist may be dual-wielding God Arcs at first, it will apparently be possible for this character to link those two together and create an awesome-looking two-handed weapon.

On top of that, when the weapon used by the protagonist is in its gun form, it will be able to fire off a laser beam, confirming that there is a new firearm category that will be included in the game.

Along with revealing more details about the protagonist, the developers also released some new screenshots that showed off some of the areas players will be able to explore. There is a canyon area that is home to some man-made structures and players may also be able to visit the devastated remains of a city.

More news about "God Eater 3" should be made available soon.