'God Is Awesome' Declares Man Who Reunites Daughter and Hospitalized Father

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(Photo: PIX11 Screenshot)Robert Ortiz matched a photo of the hospitalized 56-year-old Efrain Canales with a photo he found of him he saw on a poster taped to a lamp post.

A man praised God after he was able to reunite a daughter with her unconscious, hospitalized father after matching the man's image from a local news station's Facebook photo with a poster in his neighborhood.

Fifty-six-year-old Efrion Conales' family was desperate after he disappeared three weeks ago when he was critically injured and hospitalized while riding the subway in the Bronx in New York City. Hoping that someone in her neighborhood and adjacent ones might recognize him, his daughter posted flyers throughout the area, reported PIX11.

"My dad has been missing since 10/28/13. If anyone has an info please contact (her phone number). His name is Efrion Conales also known as Frayo," the flyers stated.

Hoping to give the notice more exposure, Robert Ortiz took a picture of the flyer and posted it on his Facebook. Earlier this week, after the news network released a photo of the man on its Facebook, Ortiz made the connection between that image and the man on his flyer.

"I called the number on the missing flyer and spoke to his daughter," Ortiz commented on the Facebook photo. "I sent her the picture and she called me back saying it's her father. She's on her way to the hospital now. I sure hope it's her dad!"

"God is awesome!" Ortiz added. "Now it's just a matter of praying for his quick and full recovery."

Conales has since been visited by his family, who have been relieved and grateful for Ortiz' actions.

"He's an angel. Not a lot of people care enough to look at postage that someone has on a pole or Starbucks or even on a grocery store to say 'Oh my god, that guy looks that guy in the news. Let me contact the family member'….I'm sorry, this is New York City. No one really cares," Conales' daughter told Pix11.

"We see all these missing posters all the time but we probably don't look at it carefully because you never know when that might make a difference," Ortiz said. "Something might click and you might put two and two together and then you might make a difference to someone's family."