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'God of War' PS4 News: Director Cory Barlog Draws Parallels Between Upcoming Game's Combat System and 'FIFA' Gameplay

Plenty of changes will be featured in the upcoming game's combat system

'God of War' PS4 News: Director Cory Barlog Draws Parallels Between Upcoming Game's Combat System and 'FIFA' Gameplay

The new 'God of War' PS4 is expected to be released on April 20 | Facebook courtesy of God of War

There are many things changing in the new "God of War" PlayStation game, and some of the most significant changes will be visible and experienced through its revamped combat system.

Since fans still have not been able to try out the new combat system for themselves, it can be difficult to get a handle on what it will be like, though director Cory Barlog recently offered an interesting comparison for that particular component of the game.

Speaking recently to GamesRadar, Barlog compared the new combat system to that of "FIFA's."

According to Barlog, "It's the same game every time you play but it's extremely sort of non-deterministic. Every game is different, despite every game being the same; there's this drama that exists in every single match, even when you're playing the same teams."

What Barlog seemed to be referring to was the element of unpredictability that was present in each and every game of "FIFA." As Barlog noted, a player can use the same teams for a "FIFA" match and the outcome can still differ each time because matches rarely turn out in the same ways.

It is possible that Barlog sees some "FIFA" in the new "God of War" PS4 game because at first, it may seem like battles will look pretty similar to begin with. However, these matches may play out in different ways depending on what the player chooses to do and how the AI-controlled enemies react.

Also related to how combat is changing in the upcoming game, Kratos will no longer be using those familiar chained blades.

Instead, Kratos is going to wield an axe, and lead gameplay designer Jason McDonald recently revealed more about how the introduction of that weapon has changed things up during an interview with Game Informer.

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Kratos can use the axe to swing at his opponents, or alternatively, he can also throw it at a target and recall it afterwards.

Fans will soon be able to experience these combat system changes for themselves, as the "God of War" PS4 game is already due out on April 20.


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