'God of War' PS4: Game Expected at E3

Developers have yet to announce a release date for the new 'God of War' PS4 game
Facebook courtesy of God of WarNo release date is currently set for the 'God of War' PS4 game

At the Electronic Entertainment Expo last year, the developers from Sony Santa Monica dazzled fans in attendance by showing off snippets of the new "God of War" game in development for the PlayStation 4.

Nearly a year later, memories of that E3 showcase are still on the minds of many fans, but they are also hoping that they will have something new to marvel at once the event gets underway again next month.

In a lengthy Reddit thread, numerous gamers talked about what they wanted to see at the E3 2017 stage, and many of them expressed a desire to see bearded Kratos once again.

It is easy to see why so many fans are eager to find out more about this particular title.

This upcoming PS4 offering is changing up the franchise's formula in numerous ways.

That familiar Greek mythology-inspired setting is now being replaced with one that now features elements from Norse mythology, and on top of that, the fiery Kratos is now a father.

Fans understandably want to see how those new elements look like and that is why many of them are hoping that a new trailer will also be shown off during E3.

As happy as fans would likely be to see a new trailer for the "God of War" PS4 game, there are others hoping that developers will share something more.

To be more specific, there are fans who are also hoping that developers will finally set a release date for the new game sooner rather than later. Recent rumors have put the game's release window from later this year to sometime next year, and thus far at least, developers have yet to lean in either direction.

E3 2016 obviously turned out to be an important one for the "God of War" franchise, and in a matter of weeks, people will see if this year's installment of the event will be as well.