God Will Hold You Up When You're Suffering

We Christians talk a lot about God's good purposes in our suffering. And we do so necessarily. We need to be constantly reminded of his sovereign kindness toward us in all things because the brokenness of this world is constantly sinking its teeth into our lives! If our faith is to survive discomfort, sickness, loneliness, hunger, persecution, poverty, spiritual oppression, or any of the other difficulties that may assail us, we must know in the depths of our souls that God has purposed every bit of it to work for our ultimate good.

However, our talk tends to major on what God is doing in us as we endure trials of various kinds. But what about what he might be doing through us as we suffer?

I have heard it said that God is accomplishing a million things in every thing that he does. And I believe this is true concerning the trials he allows to come upon us. While he is certainly working for our personal good in them, he is also working for the benefit of the people who are watching us suffer.

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