'God's Marriage Bow': White Ribbon Movement Supports Traditional Marriage

In the face of the continued national push to legalize same-sex marriage, individuals who believe in the longstanding social institution comprising only of one man and one woman are urged to join a recently launched campaign to support traditional marriage.

The new campaign, "God's Marriage Bow," was created by the Salt & Light Council, who is backing a new movement. They want supporters of traditional marriage to wear white bows in symbolic reference to the unity and purity of traditional marriage.

"The white color stands in contrast to the rainbow colors that advocate same-sex marriage," Dran Reese, President of the Salt & Light Council, said in a statement.

"Rainbows are meant to show God's redemption, but this image has been co-opted by a movement that is antithetical to Biblical values," Reese added. "We're going to take back the rainbow by redeeming it with the white marriage bow."

Supporters of the campaign say that they decided to do something after they noticed that concerned citizens were continually being marginalized and their voices drowned out after their continued supported of traditional marriage and are asking believers to show their support by donning a white ribbon.

"The bow is symbolic, as in 'tying the knot,' a historical inference to the one-man, one-woman union, or tying a bow on a present as a reminder that this unique relationship is a gift from God," Reese said, furthering that the color white shows God's purity as well as his unyielding love for his followers.

The Salt & Light Council website states that they are dedicated to training and providing churches the support they require to maintain the valued Judeo-Christian heritage through responsible, biblically-based citizenship.

"We mobilize Christians at the grassroots level, helping them to live out their responsibility to influence government and civic affairs for good," the council's mission statement reads.

The campaign began on March 26 to coincide with the first day of Supreme Court oral arguments concerning the future of marriage in America. The Marriage Bow campaign urges its supporters to become civically involved by sending pre-printed postcards to all nine Supreme Court justices urging them to support traditional marriage.

"It couldn't be easier, and its free … the website has free downloadable postcards, plus the names and addresses of the justices," Reese said.