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'God's Not Dead 3' Opens Casting Call, Hints at Film's Plot

'God's Not Dead 3' Opens Casting Call, Hints at Film's Plot

A scene from the trailer for the 2016 movie, "God's Not Dead 2: He's Surely Alive." | (Photo: Screengrab/YouTube/MovieClips Trailers)

The upcoming "God's Not Dead 3" film is looking to cast new talent on Saturday and might also be giving fans a glimpse of what to expect in the third-installment of the series.

An open casting call with Los Angeles casting director Beverly Holloway and Atlanta casting director Mark Fincannon is being held in Little Rock, Arkansas, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. CST. According to the casting website, the faith-based movie will begin five-weeks of filming on Oct. 7.

Along with casting people of all ethnicities aged 18–65, the website revealed a description of the characters, which includes college students, lawyers, security guards, pastors and executives. While the plot for the latest film in the "God's Not Dead" franchise has yet to be disclosed by film actor and creator David A.R. White, the characters' descriptions make it clear that Pastor David's church will be in for a fight.

A description of a character named Judge Hudson reveals that the pastor in the movie is under threat of having his church demolished.

"She is a judge in the district where Pastor Dave's church is located, and when the church is under threat of being demolished, they seek out Judge Hudson's help for an injunction," it reads.

It seems that a university in the film will also come into conflict with Pastor Dave's church, according to a description of a character called "university attorney."

"He represents Hadleigh University in their conflict with Pastor Dave's church," the description reads.

In a previous interview with The Christian Post last December, White said his team didn't want to rush into production and were praying about the film's plot.

"We've been really praying about what this is supposed to do, and haven't wanted to rush into production," he said. "But we're excited about what we're coming up with!"


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