Friday, April 29, 2011
GodTube Returns With New Campaign

GodTube Returns With New Campaign

As GodTube returns from a “tangle” of a mess, its developers will begin their improved website by launching an awareness campaign next month.

The video-sharing website is aiming to bounce back and spread the word about its new features after a change that left users confused.

After launching in 2007 and quickly drawing a large following, the Christian video and social networking site, changed its name – along with its purpose – from GodTube to in 2009. While still catering to the Christian audience, the site's aim shifted to attracting anyone looking for family-friendly content, mixing both faith and secular interests.

Unfortunately, it didn’t work out.

“That did not do go well as we thought it would. Our users were a little confused so we brought back God into GodTube,” Lindsey Neidenfeuhr, brand manager for GodTube, told The Christian Post. “We noticed that people really liked GodTube and they knew what it meant. They continued visiting the site even though it would just redirect [to].”

Now back to its original name, " is as committed as ever to the original mission of offering a safe and family-friendly place to share videos,” Neidenfeuhr stated. now redirects to

As part of its return and new acquisition by Salem Communications Corporation, the rebranded site will begin an awareness campaign by hosting “30 Days of GodTube” starting May 2 where users are expected to make videos, post them on the website and have a chance to win up to $1,500.

GodTube, which currently receives 2.5 million unique visitors and 8 million page views per month, is looking for creative flash mob videos hoping that it brings a community together as they portray their faith on camera.

The idea for the project came out of observing that although “there are a lot of flash mob videos out there, there are no Christian ones, so I thought this could be a big movement; this could make an impact in the world,” said Neidenfeuhr.

The winners will be determined based on Facebook likes. “This is not only a great way to spread viral moment of a video but also it keeps a great accountability of both because one Facebook like is one person. Someone can't really alter the votes. So we will look at Facebook likes.”

Neidenfeuhr added that more than an iPad or any other electronic device, it was more practical to give money to users looking to found a project or simply looking for extra cash.

Along with the contest, GodTube will incorporate a virtual scavenger hunt on weekdays for a chance to win $50 in cash a day. A clue will be posted each day at 8 a.m. ET, directing participants on how to search and find the 30 Days of GodTube logo. Once they find it they can add a comment on the video by using the initials “VHS.”

With its comeback, GodTube hopes to ultimately strengthen its virtual evangelism. “I work for this site and I believe there's a lot of power at our fingertips with the Internet and we can't all go to Africa and lead mission trips there. I know we probably would like to [go] out there and be witnesses to Jesus, but we can't.”

Neidenfeuhr emphasized that the Internet can be just as powerful as direct human contact. “We do have the Internet and there are amazing and inspiring videos and sermons that we can send across the world. We need our users to continue to upload these great videos and make this community even stronger. We need to come together and use them as evangelistic tools.”

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