Golfer Rachel Connor Arrested for DUI While Driving Former NFL Player

Pro golfer Rachel Louise Connor was arrested for driving under the influence in Florida Wednesday morning.

The 21-year- old British golfer happened to have former NFL star and Heisman Trophy winner Eddie George in the passenger seat of her vehicle when she was pulled over.

According to the police report, shortly after 2 a.m. Wednesday, a deputy encountered a vehicle traveling northbound at an approximate speed of 40 mph when the posted speed limit in that particular area was only 20 mph.

"As I followed the vehicle north on Ocean Boulevard the vehicle quickly slowed down to the speed limit and weaved in the lane," the deputy wrote in his arrest report.

As reported by the Herald-Tribune, the deputy stopped the car in the 4000 block of Higel Avenue. When the officer approached the vehicle the officer "smelled a very strong odor of alcoholic beverage."

The officer identified Connor, a 21-year-old with a Bradenton condo as her address, as the driver.

Reports stated that Connor failed several field sobriety tests including the walking and counting tests. It was also revealed that her blood alcohol level on two separate breathalyzer tests registered at .133 and .137 respectively, which is nearly double the legal limit of .08.

Connor admitted to having two vodka cranberry drinks, the deputy wrote.

"I felt like I was OK to drive," Connor said, according to her answers to a questionnaire that is given to all DUI suspects.

Connor trained to be a professional golfer at the prestigious IMG Academies in Bradenton. She and George had been competing in a golf tournament at The Concession, which is a community in east Manatee County.

A few hours before her arrest, Connor posted a picture on her Twitter account of herself and Eddie on the golf course. She later posted another photo of herself and Eddie posing together at the event.