Golfers Find 2 Bodies on Florida Course, Police Search for Clues

Police are currently investigating the circumstances surrounding the deaths of two females after their bodies were found on a popular Florida golf course in Tallahassee.

The bodies were discovered by a group of golfers at Hilaman Golf Course around 6 p.m. Tuesday evening after the group had heard what they thought were a pair of gunshots nearby and went to investigate the noise, according to the Associated Press.

The golf group actually heard the gunshots about an hour before the grisly discovery was made and immediately called police to the scene after they found the bodies, Lt. James McQuaig, Leon County Sheriff's Office spokesman, said in a statement.

"They made the discovery," McQuaig said. "They called 911 and they waited for us to get there."

After the group heard the shots they proceeded on with their round until they came to an area that was in between the golf course and an adjacent apartment complex.

Upon further investigation the group of golfers noticed something in a grassy area and went closer to determine what was there. Much to the groups' surprise, they discovered the bodies of the two unidentified females.

McQuaig stated that the identities and the ages of the two victims would remain confidential until the medical examiner could conduct a full autopsy to determine the cause of death. The autopsy was scheduled for Wednesday and the results of the examine should be ready a short time after, McQuaig explained.

He added that when police questioned the group that found the bodies, they did not recall seeing anyone leaving the scene, nor did they observe anyone acting unusual in the area.

The public golf course is surrounded by apartment complexes and other residential buildings and this was the first time that bodies were found on the course, according to police.