Gomez, Swift Dinner Raises Eyebrows: Friends Discussing Exes?

Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift recently raised eyebrows as they dined together in Los Angeles. The two friends have recently endured romantic troubles, and some have speculated that the night out was an attempt to cheer up Gomez, who reportedly had an "epic" fight with boyfriend Justin Bieber.

Swift recently ended her romance with Conor Kennedy due to her incredibly busy schedule. She is famous for writing hit songs about her failed romances, and critics wonder if it's only a matter of time before her next album debuts with songs about Kennedy.

Gomez decided to end things with pop star Justin Bieber after a two-year relationship, yet agreed to see him while in New York City this weekend. The two were supposed to have dinner together but couldn't even wait until the food arrived before getting into an argument that ended with Gomez storming out of the restaurant.

Now it appears as though Swift and Gomez, friends for some time, are leaning on each other during tough times. Gomez even wore a shirt that featured the lyric, "You make me happy when skies are gray," perhaps an indication of her affection for Swift.

"The girls shared an Italian meal and seemed to have the best time," an eyewitness told People. "There were a lot of giggles and laughter. They looked like great friends and were also in deep conversation throughout the meal. Taylor was protective of Selena and escorted her to and from the car."

Of course, the pair would have a lot to talk about besides their respective ex-boyfriends; both found stardom at a young age, and Swift has seemingly taken Gomez under her wing.

"Taylor's amazing," Selena told Glamour magazine. "She's so smart and sweet and humble and she's way more successful than I am! So when I see her after everything she's been through, and she just wants to go home and bake cookies with me, that to me is awesome!"