Google and Android to Make a Big Splash at Mobile World Congress 2012

Google and Android will make a memorable appearance at Mobile World Congress 2012 that's set to take place in Barcelona, Spain.

Thanks to a teaser countdown that recently appeared on, there should be no more speculation on whether or not the software giant will make its presence felt that this year's MWC.

Now what exactly will be unveiled at the event still is not clear. That is still open to rumors and speculation.

However, Samsung has stated that it will not be holding any kind of press event during MWC, even though one of the devices expected to make its way to the event if the 10.1-inch version of the Samsung Galaxy Note.

This version of the Galaxy Note nearly doubles the size of the original which measures in at 5.3-inches as far as displays go. This new one is probably being created to be a competitor with the iPad 3 that is expected to launch in March of this year with an unveiling in the coming weeks.

HTC is also expected to make a huge debut at this year's MWC by unveiling its quad-core powered One X smartphone. The handset maker seems to be beating other companies to the punch such as Apple, LG and Samsung by being the first to release quad-core device.

The iPhone 5, iPad 3 and Samsung Galaxy S3 are all rumored to be including quad-core processors.

It was originally believed that the Samsung Galaxy S3 would debut at MWC, but that device ended up getting pushed back to sometime around the summer.

Samsung hopes to make the unveiling of the Galaxy S3 and actual release closer together since the Galaxy S2 did not drop in some areas until six months after its initial unveiling.

The Samsung Galaxy S2 was unveiled by the smartphone maker at last year's Mobile World Congress.