Google Android and Apple iOS Dominate the Mobile Market

Apple and Google together continued to dominate the mobile market in August, according to Millennial Media’s “Mobile Mix” mobile device usage share report.

Android had the highest market share impression, accounting for 54 percent of mobile users with Apple trailing behind with 28 percent.

Millennial media used data from smartphones, tablets, e-readers and gaming devices to accumulate the data for the month of August.

RIM came in third place with a market share impression of 13 percent.

Windows had the next highest percentage accounting for three percent of the market which will likely change once Windows 8 is launched.

Google’s Android operating system is featured on many different devices manufactured by various companies, while iOS only runs on iPhone and iPad.

This factor undoubtedly contributes to Google’s domination.

For Millenial Media’s July data, tablets were not used to compile impressions.

Android’s share dropped from 61 to 54 percent in one month since Apple holds most of the market share in tablets with its iPad.

Android also took the cake for application spending with 49 percent, inching past Apple who had 41 percent of the share in August. RIM took the third spot once again with 8 percent in that area.

Most of the apps consumed include popular games such as Angry Birds and music applications.

For hardware share, Apple won with 23 percent smartphone device share with the top three Android OEMs trailing behind. HTC had the highest percentage for Android powered devices with 16 percent, while Samsung took in 14.5 percent and Motorola ended the month with 11.3 percent.

Android smartphones would outdo Apple if they were all to be combined.

Handsets running on Android also accounted for 15 of the top 20 mobile phones on Millennial for the third month in a row.