Google+ Users Able to Browse Their Facebook With New App

An Israeli company, named Crossrider, has created an application that allows users of the newly launched networking site Google+ to make updates to their Facebook profiles.

Crossrider has reported that its application “Google+Facebook” has already obtained more than 100,000 downloads.

The application is free of charge and simply adds an icon to Google+ where users can view their Facebook page.

The application, however, does not allow Google+ users to sync friends or pictures from Facebook as that would be a violation of Facebook’s terms of service.

Although the product is receiving rave reviews from its users, developers are already hinting that improvements could be made in the near future.

Crossrider Chief Executive Koby Menachemi, commented in an interview with Reuters: “The product is not perfect… If users want a feature to post updates on both networks, we will. If they want to comment on their Facebook screen, we will do it.”

Google+ continues to make waves in the social network battle against Facebook. The site has already garnered over 10 million users in its short existence.