Google Co-Founder Shows Off Glass Project at TED 2013

Google's Sergey Brin took to the stage at TED 2013, an annual tech and media conference in California, to show off the company's Glass project.

Brin bragged about the high-tech eyewear shooting down the use of traditional handsets. He also boasted that Google Glass can solve many of the problems associated with smartphones, such as having to look down.

"The act of looking down at my phone is one of the reasons behind Glass," he said. "We questioned whether you should be walking around looking down. That was the vision behind Glass and that's why we created this form factor."

Brin also claims that Glass is a product that will make a person's relationship with technology that much more convenient.

"When we made this we thought, Can we make something that frees your hands and frees your eyes?" he asked. "That's why we put the display up high out of your line of sight so you can make eye contact with people. The sound conducts through the bones in your cranium to free up your ears. If you want to hear it better you cover up your ears, which is surprising."

Google has come a long way, according to Brin, who stated that looking down at his cell phone is a nervous habit that Glass is now able to correct.

"Our original vision at Google was eventually to get rid of the search query and you'd just get the information you need when you need it," he said. "Fifteen years later this is first form factor that delivers on that vision. The project lasted just over 2 years. We've learned a lot."

Google Glass will be available later this year and will cost $1,500.