Google Glass Release Date on Track for Early 2013

The Google Glass release date should still be in the early part of 2013.

In a recent interview with IEEE Spectrum, the head of Google Glass Babak Parviz confirmed that the company should still reach its goal to release it in the beginning of this year. They also highlighted the changes being made to the project as it continues to progress.

"We constantly try out new ideas of how this platform can be used. There's a lot of experimentation going on at all times in Google," said Parvis. "We're also trying to make the platform more robust and the software more robust, so we can ship it to developers early this year."

"The early 2013 shipping time was announced at Google I/O 2012," he continued. "It is nice to see Google is still on track, however new features for the platform have not been revealed."

Google plans to make a business out of Google Glass, according to Parvis and doesn't have plans to include advertising in it.

"This is still being worked on, but we are quite interested in providing the hardware.. At the moment, there are no plans for advertising on this device," said Parvis.

There will also be a cloud-based API so developers can integrate their Android apps into Google Glass. This will include services such as e-mail and calendars. The Glass team is hard at work on battery life and making sure the device is safe on the eyes, according to Parvis.

Google recently released a short video which showed how the glasses would function on an everyday basis.

The person wearing the glasses in the video uses them to access maps, text his friends, talk to what appears to be his girlfriend, and take pictures.

These Google Glasses could either be functioning on their own performing all of these tasks, or could be connected to a smartphone.