Google Home Mini Review: The Perfect Device For Beginners

Google StorePromotional picture for Google Home Mini.

Amazon has been leading the race in bringing smart home technology to the market. They recently launched a whole product line for the Echo, and in response, Google revealed their own hardware technology. Although some think that it might take a while before Google can catch up to Amazon's home technology, the new Google Home Mini is looking to be a valiant effort. Here is what critics have to say about Google's latest release.

Ars Technica commended the price point of the Google Home Mini. Priced at $50, it is the perfect device for those who would like to spice up their homes and at the same time, experiment with Google's voice commands.

Furthermore, the design and the cloth material used on the Google Home Mini blends in with home décor no matter the tone and setting. The portability of the device was also commended, as it is not small enough to lose and not bulky enough to be in the way. Unfortunately, the one disadvantage of the Google Home Mini is that its speakers were not quite up to par with the search giant's claims.

Meanwhile, The Verge pointed out that as chic and adaptive as the design might be, the cloth may not last long as it does not look to be made out of special materials. Furthermore, the Google Home Mine has limited audio output options. Thus, considering that the speakers are only passable, it might not be the best purchase for those looking to have a smart home device that doubles as speakers. Furthermore, it features fewer smart home capabilities compared to Amazon's Alexa.

Regardless of the disadvantages of the Google Home Mini, it is still an enticing purchase for those who are looking for a starter pack in the smart home industry. It might not be up to the level of Amazon's products, but fans believe that it is an effective way of getting more consumers on Google's side.