Google Nexus 7 2 Appears in New Hangouts Video

A tablet that could possibly be the Google Nexus 7 2 made an appearance in the company's newest promotional video for its Hangouts app.

About 20 seconds into the video a tablet is shown that looks almost identical to the original Nexus aside from the fact that this version has a notification light. The current version does not feature this light, leading many watchers to believe that Google might have left the successor in the video by accident.

The company is expected to unveil the next-generation Nexus 7 in the very near future. The tablet is rumored to be going on sale in July and will run the upcoming Android 4.3, JellyBean platform.

Other rumored specifications for the Nexus 7 include a quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon processor and a 1920 x 1200 resolution display.

Google announced yesterday that Hangouts will now be available cross platform, meaning it will work on iOS, Android and the desktop well web. The promotional video that also featured the Nexus 4 is where this mysterious tablet made its appearance. It could have been left in the video because Google originally intended to unveil it at Google I/O. However, it is still not clear when it will make its official debut.

Google is also expected to release another version of the LG Nexus 4 sometime this year. The company is rumored to be dropping both a 32GB version of the 4, and a Nexus 5 that will come with a 5-inch display and finer specifications. The 32GB model might enable LTE on the smartphone that has not had official access to the network since its launch.

Google I/O is scheduled to continue until the end of the week so any of these devices could pop up there in that time frame.