Google Play Game Apps Off to A Successful Launch With Thousands of Titles Available

Google Play Game apps are making a splash on the device market because of all of the available games and special features that are in the users' hands.

The app launched two months ago, and has already added over a 1,000 fully integrable Google+ accounts with Android, reported

"The Google Play game services were straightforward and easy to implement," said Concrete Software chief executive Keith Pinchelman in a statement. "We had been researching options for multiplayer services, so when Google Play game services came out, it was an easy decision for us. Not only were they easy to integrate, but the features have worked flawlessly."

The new Google Play app allows a user to star a game on one device and finish it up on another because of a cloud-based system that will also track leaderboards, achievements, and multi-player options.

"You can see in the reviews how people immediately raved about the new game experience," said Pichelman. "Using the game services in PBA Bowling Challenge was a huge success, enough so that we are now going back to our other titles, adding the features to them as well."

The idea is not a new one, with services like Xbox Live and Apple Game Center, but Google's is the most practical.

Google is also working to develop an Android-based video game console

According to the Wall Street Journal, the new system could be available this fall.

Sources have said Google is not trying to be in competition with Microsoft, Sony, or Nintendo, but rather Apple, one of their biggest rivals in the device business already.

Google could be trying to put a chokehold on all Android-based consoles by setting the tone for what the systems could or should be. The Wall Street Journal said it is comparative to their acquisition of Motorola in 2012. Another key component could be the need for drawing more competition from Apple.

Rumors have been circulating on Apple's plan to create a console of their own for television sets.