Google Play Store Offers 25 Cent Games and Apps

The Google Play store now offers various games and apps for just 25 cents.

Google reported on Wednesday that its app store had reached 25 billion downloads and this offer coincides with the company's recent accomplishment.

Google is offering special app reduced prices for the next 10 days that includes games created by companies such as Gameloft, EA, Rovio, Runtastic and Full Fat. These titles will be offered in the Google Play store for 25 cents.

Android users will also have access to other promotions related to the 25 billion downloads including "25 movies you need to own," "25 banned books," "25 albums that changed the planet," and "25 best selling magazines."

Apple accomplished the 25 billion download mark back in March of this year. The company awarded Chunli Fu Qingdao, a person in this city in eastern China, with a $10,000 prize for being the 25 billionth app customer. The app he downloaded was a free version of Disney's physics-based puzzle game Where's My Water.

The Google Play store has a total of 675,000 apps and games while Apple's app store now boasts 650,000 apps, according to announcement made by the company's CEO Tim Cook at Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference that took place in June.

Apple recently launched the iPhone 5, which sold 5 million units during its opening weekend. This only means that Apple app store downloads will increase greatly within the next few months. Samsung and other prominent smartphone manufacturers will be releasing some new Android devices including the Galaxy Note 2 which is sure to sell in the millions as well. That should bring another friendly boost to Google Play since the store sells apps made exclusively for the smartphone tablet hybrid.