'Google+ to Absorb LinkedIn'; Netizens Respond to CEO Jeff Weiner

A day after LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner said there's no need for a new social network, referring to Google+, the public, LinkedIn users included, began to respond and offer their own predictions on how the social networking competition will likely unfold down the road.

Many voiced their belief that LinkedIn will be the first to go down among the Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn trinity. Some also shared that because Google+ encompasses the operations of the three, in the end, it'll turn out to be a Google+ vs. Facebook/Twitter/Linked competition as opposed to Google+ vs. Facebook.

The following were selected among several comments:

Google+, a LinkedIn Killer:

LinkedIn is the least used social network... it will be the first to die... then twitter and then facebook.... Suhel Khan • Mumbai, Maharashtra (Comment from The Christian Post)

Google could build a LinkedIn killer in about ten minutes so he should be gentle next time he pokes that lion with a stick. -BH (Comment from the Business Insider)

I actually see G+ as a LinkedIn killer. If G+ integrates a resumes section there will be no need for LinkedIn. Meanwhile if I wanted to do a video conference w/ my team I could easily do that FOR FREE with G+. Share a presentation or other doc, no problem. You can't do any of that on LinkedIn. I'd sell that LinkedIn stock now if I was you. - JD (Comment from the Business Insider)

"... people generally use LinkedIn for your professional life, Facebook for family and friends, and Twitter to microcast your thoughts to an audience." OR use g+ to manage both (personal and professional) at the same time. Now I'll have more free time when I don't have to login to facebook and LinkedIn. Ops. -SAL-e (Comment from the Business Insider)

Sure, nobody has free time but one can always use G+ instead of LinkedIn. Just a few hours ago I was looking for the termination button on my LinkedIn account, not to use it but just to know where it is. - clneagu (Comment from the Business Insider)

Google+ Defeating Facebook:

What a joke....LinkedIn and Facebook are both going down. - Glenn Sawyer (Comment from The Christian Post)

The reason why Google+ will succeed is exactly BECAUSE people don't have time. The beauty of Google+ is that presence already exists. Integrate Google+ with twitter feeds and social shopping and I believe the facebook days are over. - Thais Moraes (Comment from the Business Insider)

Facebook today is like Yahoo in 1995; incredibly omnipresent. Only way Google can take market share is if Facebook management drops the ball and screws up internally, as did Yahoo. Google is already showing bad management by staggering the Google+ service like they did Wave. - Kommentz (Comment from the Business Insider)

LinkedIn in Trouble:

So says the CEO of the fastest dying social network...- Michael O'Michael Lambert (Comment from the Christian Post)

BREAKING NEWS: CEO at over-valued social network attacks competitor’s social network. In other news someone turns on a light switch. - Todd Emery (Comment from the Business Insider)

Weiner: Google+ is all three; not a fourth. Yeppppppp (Comment from Computer World)

Is he kidding? LinkedIn is the odd network here. Overvalued. Boring. Not exist in 2014. Execs are probably planning their cash outs and exits to go to the next IPO. In a few years it will be acquired by for $37K - basically the value of the copper wire in the walls. - Jenny Murphy (Comment from the Business Insider)

This is one of those famous statements that the stalwarts typically in the IT arena make only to repent it later on... like Gates saying that we would never need more than 637kb of memory for PCs - Brattstar (Comment from the Business Insider)


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