Google Street View Expanding to Brazil's Amazon Rainforest

Haven't been to the Amazon in Brazil yet? Get ready to see it without leaving your seat.

Google announced via the GoogleBlog this week that it will be expanding Street View to capture the scenery throughout routes along the Amazon and Rio Negro Rivers in Brazil.

Launched on May 25, 2007, Street View, a technology available in Google Maps and Google Earth, offers panoramic views from various points along streets from numerous cities in the world.

On this occasion, members of the Google Earth Outreach teams from Brazil and the United States gathered in the Amazon rainforest to deploy, mount, and run boats and tricycles equipped with Street View cameras to capture the images of the heavily rich environment and river communities of the region.

For this project, Google partnered with "Foundation for a Sustainable Amazon," a Brazilian non-profit conservation organization, which invited Google to the area. Google is teaching FAS reps how to operate the Street View equipment, which Google will leave behind, so they can continue to document the region's culture and way of life to the entire world.

Other exotic places Street View makes available include Stonehenge in England and Whistler's slopes in Canada.

Google did not mention when it would make the captured images available for viewing.

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