GoPro Hero 4 Camera Release Date Slated for October 2014

The GoPro compact camera is a lightweight, rugged, and small device which can be used to take action photos or videos. The camera is highly popular with people who take a liking to intense outdoor activities like skateboarding, rock climbing or surfing. The GoPro will allow these enthusiasts to capture the moment.

(Photo: Facebook/File)

GoPro has already released a number of products, with the GoPro Hero 3 being its latest release. A fourth camera, named the GoPro Hero 4, is set for an October release.

As the Hero 3 was equipped with an ARM A7 processor, the Hero 4 could be getting a new Cortex-A9 processor chip with an FPU accelerator. The upgrade in processor is likely as the newer chip will enable the Hero 4 to capture photos and videos at 4K resolution. Video capture will be possible in 30fps when with the Hero 3, 4K video capture was only achievable at 15fps.

Of course, the Hero 4 can also record videos at a lower resolution but will result in a higher frame rate – 1080p at 120fps or 720p at 240fps. This will allow users to record full HD videos at smoother frame rates, especially with high-speed sports and activities.

The new GoPro camera will also be likely to come with a new 13-megapixel photo-sensor which will enable the camera to take photos and videos in the dark. This will be especially useful for late night high-speed drives or other night related activities.

Some features from the Hero 3 will be carried over to the Hero 4 such as waterproofing and the compact build. The upgraded specs however will naturally upgrade the price as well and will be more expensive than the Hero 3. There are speculations that the camera will go for as much as $340.