GoPro Hero 5 Release Date & Rumors: Camera Tipped to Come with 8K Resolution When it Releases in 2016

GoPro fans who are looking forward for the Hero 5 are in for a treat as reports say that the sports action camera is going to feature better specs beginning with its resolution capability. According to reports, the upcoming camera is speculated to be made with an 8K resolution making the device better and definitely worth the wait.

Youtube Screenshot/ fileThe GoPro Hero 3 vs the GoPro Hero 4

The previous cameras in the GoPro line carried 4K resolution, which has already been a big help in capturing clear and sharp photos over 1080p. It provided quality photos and videos over and under water. And considering how much 4K can produce, one can only imagine the level of quality an 8K resolution can give. It is expected that the videos taken with it will be smoother and crispier because the pixels are compressed to produce better shots.

Aside from that, Vine Report detailed that the recording rate of the action camera will be capable of capturing at 60 frames per seconds. A dual lens setup will also be incorporated into the gadget so that it will give off better 3D images and videos especially when taking shots underwater.

Another feature that will be enhanced in the upcoming Hero 5 is its waterproof capability. The source stated that the small camera will be able to perform up to 60 meters underwater. A dive housing will also be provided to make shooting underwater easier and more convenient. Users will do not need to be worried about the condition of the camera while exploring the sea or while surfing.

Hero 5 is also expected to have a reduced size and weight. Reports say that it would carry half of the measurements of the Hero 4 Session making it 40 percent lighter and 50 percent smaller. It will be more compact and just really easy to bring around by wayfarers and sports enthusiasts.

With such enhancements made, the GoPro Hero 5 is expected to come at a more expensive price. But interested buyers can still save up as the gadget is speculated to arrive sometime in 2016.