Gordon Ramsay Feud Ends, at Least in Court

Gordon Ramsay is known for having a bit of a temper, but recently resolved a long-standing feud with his father-in-law, Chris Hutcheson. Ramsay even took Hutcheson to court and finally settled the case.

The feud began a long time ago, Ramsay said told "Men's Journal," due to a feeling of mistrust and personal history. He had hired a private eye to spy on his father-in-law when he suspected him of shady behavior, and it turned out that Ramsay was correct.

"First my father let me down, and then my father-in-law let me down … In a sense, I've had two [expletive] dads. I mean, Tana's mother would be on the phone with Chris, and he was saying to her, 'Oh, my God, the snow in France is ridiculous, and I won't be back for a few days,' while literally at the same time the detective was on the other line saying to me, 'Right, he just landed at Heathrow, and he's being picked up by a blonde, who's driving his car,'" Ramsay said.

Ramsay married Tana in 1996 and they have four children. His problems with Hutcheson began almost immediately, as Ramsay gave Hutcheson control of his restaurant empire until 2010.

When Hutcheson's double life was exposed, Tana stood by her husband, causing a huge rift within the family. She is still with Ramsay, and Hutcheson has since made comments against his daughter's behavior, which angered Ramsay considerably.

"To cast Tana and the grandchildren off like he did … I mean, what would it take for me to do that to my daughter? What kind of man would I be? What kind of evil [expletive] would you be, to [expletive] on your family to that extent and bring in this new family that had been hidden for 20 years? What kind of man would I be?" Ramsay asked.

Hutcheson and Ramsay finally ended their legal battle with a $3 million settlement, reports state.