Gospel Artist Isaac Simpson Shares Testimony as New Album Debuts (VIDEO)

 Exclusive: Gospel Artist Isaac Simpson's Life Changing Experience

Former school teacher and award-winning gospel producer and songwriter Isaac Simpson sat down with The Christian Post recently to share his testimony of overcoming a near-fatal gunshot wound and how the tragedy inspired his new studio album, "The Process."

Simpson, who has won three Gospel Music Academy Awards and is the founder behind Divine Providence, revealed to CP that in trying to connect with a youth who needed help, the single father of a teen son nearly lost his life. 

"I received a phone call from this young man... he called me one night when I was in the studio working, probably about 7 o'clock in the evening," Simpson told CP of the 2006 incident, adding that the young man asked for a ride, which he was more than happy to provide. 

Simpson, who knew the young man from his time working with a child welfare agency, took the youth to the requested location only to learn that he had been set up -- a second youth came onto the scene, and he had a gun.

Gospel artist Isaac Simpson(Photo: The Christian Post)Gospel artist Isaac Simpson.

"All I know is, I heard gunshots flying all around me. There was one bullet, however, that had my name on it," the gospel artist shared. "It came through my back car window and shattered my back car window and penetrated my back seat.. it penetrated me right in the back."

Eventually taken to a hospital, Simpson said while receiving treatment he saw a white, bright light before everything faded to black. He eventually needed 10 different operations and was on life support for three days.

"All I know is that when I was all the way under, I was hearing people around me praying for me," Simpson shared, remembering his family and friends singing songs of praise and exalting God in his hospital room. 

During his recovery, which included learning to walk again, Simpson questioned God as to why he had been targeted. He eventually not only underwent a physical healing, but a spiritual healing as well -- through that situation, God drew him into a more personal relationship and made his life a testimony to inspire others to draw near to Him. 

"He said 'I have to prove to you, son, that I am your God,'" Simpon said. "'I have to let you see that I can work miracles.'"

"My sister even came to the Lord... people's lives were changed," he added. 

"I remember the doctor came into the room, flipped that chart, looked at me and said 'You are lucky. There's not too many people that come through this intensive trauma care and make it out,'" Simpsons said. "I looked at him with all the strength in my body, and all the energy and all the faith that I had, I said to him 'No sir, I'm not lucky. I am just simply blessed.'"

Simpson's near-death experience provided inspiration for his new album, "The Process," which was released Feb. 3, 2012, and is available on Apple's iTunes store.