Gospel Legend Andrae Crouch Returns to Take Fans on a 'Journey'

Award-winning musician Andrae Crouch has done it again with his newest album, The Journey, once again showing his pure talent to bring listeners closer to God. From beginning to end, the album provides a rollercoaster of emotions that will bring you to your feet with praise or fill you with tears of joy.

The album starts with an upbeat and uplifting piece, “Somebody Told Me About Jesus,” which kicks your mind into gear for worship. With phrases such as, “His love for you is guaranteed” and “He will wash your sins and make your body whole,” fans cannot help but feel the love and blessings Crouch poured into the song.

“Where Jesus Is” takes a slower tempo and shares a great message. A song about desiring to be closer to God is something everyone can relate to. This song has a special place in my heart and it will in yours.

“Faith,” another gentle and graceful song, says “without faith, pleasing the Lord is impossible.”