Gospel Music Quartet The Walls Group Scammed by Tour Bus Driver

(Photo:Courtesy of RCA Inspiration)From Left: The Walls Group siblings Ajah, Darrel, Rhea and Paco.

The gospel music quartet known as The Walls Group is calling on over 200,000 fans to help them find a bus driver who they say scammed them out of $10,000.

Drew Daniels, the bus driver who was transporting the The Walls Group on their 19-city tour reportedly left them stranded and took $10,000 from the singing siblings and their manager parents Alicia and Roger Walls. Alicia showed Atlanta, Georgia-based news station WSB-TV a contract between the group and the bus driver which stated that they would give Daniels a $10,000 down payment for his sleeper bus services that would last 28 days.

However, the Walls say Daniels quit before fulfilling his 28-day obligation after the group didn't take his advice on a matter. He left the group stranded while allegedly pocketing the $10,000.

"You didn't fulfill an obligation contractually. It's just sad," Alicia told WSB-TV.

While the Walls said they are suing the driver, they have had a difficult time finding him after claiming that he provided a false address and company name.

"Without his information, we can't serve him," Alicia said. "We sent him an email basically with all the receipts and the contracts and stuff basically, and we can't find him."

A private investigator has been hired to help with the matter, but the Walls have also reached out to their fans who might have heard of Daniels or his company, Drew Diamond Tours.

Singing siblings Rhea, Ahjah, Darrel and Paco Walls wrote a transparent message for fans on their Instagram page on Tuesday to tell them about the situation first hand.

"If anyone can help us find this clown so we can serve him with demand letter papers we were instructed to do so by The Georgia Attorney General and The BBB it would be appreciated. Please help us to find this clown so we can take his behind to court and The Attorney General can deal with him," the Instagram message reads. "Supposedly he attends one of the prominent churches in Atlanta. And from his own admission he is the Head of Security at this church."

The message concluded after asking people to, "help the authorities find this guy!"