Gospel Singer Michelle Bonilla Stars in 'Last Days' Movie Saga

Known for her unique brand of urban gospel mixed with Latin melodies, singer Michelle Bonilla is adding a new talent to her roster – acting. Bonilla stars in the Christian film series “Last Days The Saga.”

It seems to be the year for faith-based films. From “Dolphin Tale” to “Courageous,” moviegoers have proven films of faith are viable in the marketplace, even rising over some of Hollywood’s biggest names. A recent example is “Dolphin Tale,” which debuted at number one, surpassing Brad Pitt’s “Moneyball,” which opened the same weekend.

With an audience wanting something deeper, the trend of faith-based films will continue with “Last Days," an upbeat, action-packed thriller that promises a heart-warming message.

Bonilla plays a Laura, a housewife with a hidden past, in the film that follows the story of a highly-trained assassin who serves as an agent hired to eliminate members of the distinguished Christian community.

With the organization’s plans to establish world domination through political and religious means, the series chronicles the story of the agency's top hitman, Michael, who begins to question his orders, and ultimately his true destiny.

Bonilla landed the opportunity when director Kaloni Davis offered her the role.

“Working on this project was very interesting. It’s a new experience for me to take on acting ... as a passion, which I for a long time admired but never really had the guts to try out for,” she said in an interview on the film’s website www.lastdaysthesaga.com.

“So, Kaloni Davis, who is the director extraordinaire, believed in me and gave me the part,” Bonilla said.

The singer, who released her well-received sophomore album In Spite of Me in 2010, found herself in a “growth process” during the film, having to train in the martial arts in order to convey her character well.