Gosselin Kids Want Another Show, Parents 'Made Peace'

Kate Gosselin has admitted that her children, the former stars on "Kate Plus 8," want another reality show.

The mother of multiples appeared on "The Today Show" Monday talking about the TLC television series. Twins Cara and Mady, 11, and sextuplets Alexis, Hannah, Aaden, Collin, Leah, and Joel, 8, are ready to make a comeback to the small screen.

"They really honestly miss filming," said Gosselin. "They've been saying, 'When are we going to go here or there? We miss the crew.'"

In the years following her acrimonious divorce from Jon Gosselin with whom she shares her eight children, Gosselin said the kids also miss working together as a family. Today, the couple has made peace.

"I can honestly say it's more peaceful than it's ever been," said the 37-year-old reality television star. "I feel that a very big weight has been lifted off my shoulders … [Jon has been] really positive and more available and it's just less stressful."

Gosselin noted that their eight children feel a difference in their parents' interactions.

"I feel that he's been working with me more, and the kids notice it," she said while on "Today."

"And that's good. Because I've always just wanted that peace for them and we're finally to a point where it's happening… I can't take that emotional energy that was wasted in that areas and put it back towards the kids."

Another television series about the family, and Gosselin indicated high hopes to work on more projects with TLC.

"Fans are begging [to see more], she explained. "They've grown up, they turned eight. What are you doing [now]?"

But until another series receives a green light, Kate said she has been working toward writing a cookbook. Also, the kids have moved forward from filming.

"Everyone is excelling at school across the board," said Gosselin. "We've had a great school year."