'Gotham' Fans Hoping to See the Joker When Series Resumes in March

Facebook/GOTHAMonFOX"Gotham" television series starring David Mazouz and Ben McKenzie

The crime drama television series "Gotham" will resume on March 1 and fans are looking forward to the return of Jerome Valeska as well as the appearance of the iconic villain Joker. Season 4 of the show will return on FOX with episode 12 "Pieces of a Broken Mirror."

Episode 11 ended with Bullock (Donal Logue) quitting the force, Alfred (Sean Pertwee) leaving the Wayne Manor, Cobblepot (Robin Lord Taylor) sent to Arkham Asylum, and so much more.

In the final scene of episode 11, the notorious psychopathic Jerome Valeska (Cameron Monaghan) revealed himself before Cobblepot and asked him to be his "best friend." Fans were also blown away after hearing" Valeska's laugh that is very similar to the Joker.

There were earlier speculations among fans that Valeska will eventually be the Joker in the series. Back in 2015, "Gotham's" executive producer Bruno Heller provided information about their plans for the Joker in the future to Nerdist. "That story is going to come to a huge and shocking resolution which will explain the whole Joker myth and how it began and how the Joker came to be," he said.

There were never confirmations from the producers that Valeska will eventually be the Joker in the series. Some cast members, however, dropped hints that Valeska is not the Joker. "Gotham" star David Mazouz also said during a podcast with Discussing Film that Valeska is definitely not the Joker. "He's not the Joker, that's all I'm saying. He's definitely the inspiration or the Joker and the way that the Joker comes into the show is one of the most brilliant things 'Gotham' has ever done," he said.

Rumors about the Joker appearing in the coming episodes were fueled after the promo video for episode 12 revealed a Joker card. Fans of the show are hoping to see Joker's entrance when season 4 returns in March.

Season 4 of the series so far generated an 87% audience score rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Cast and crew of the show are also hoping to top episode 11's number of viewers. According to TV By The Numbers, episode 12 generated over 2.53 million viewers.