'Gotham' Season 4 Episode 12 Spoilers: Lee and Nygma Labor to Rebuild the Narrows

Facebook/GOTHAMonFOXPromotional photo for 'Gotham' season 4

Lee (Morena Baccarin) and Nygma (Cory Michael Smith) will team up to bring back the old Narrows in the upcoming episode of "Gotham."

In the episode titled "Pieces of a Broken Mirror," the synopsis reveals that the unlikely tandem will labor together to rebuild the place they both consider as home. The Narrows is the island situated in the middle of the Gotham River that draws all the city lowlifes like flies. It is also where the Arkham Asylum is located. Elsewhere, a new case will be forwarded to Gordon's (Ben McKenzie) desk concerning a villain called The Toymaker. The GCPD will be tapped to track him down when news surfaced that he has been hired to assassinate one of the city doctors.

The Toymaker in the Batman universe is Cosmo Krank, the CEO of a company that creates futuristic toys. In the comics, Bruce led a campaign to close down Krank Co. because its products are dangerous. To get revenge, Cosmo took on The Toymaker persona and used his toys to cause chaos. Meanwhile, viewers will finally get to meet the new Ivy (guest star Peyton List). Fresh from her recent transformation, she will reveal herself to an old friend. When Selina (Camren Bicondova) encounters Ivy again, she will not be able to believe her eyes.

Also in the episode, Gordon will realize what happened to Alfred (Sean Pertwee) after Bruce (David Mazouz) kicked him out of the Wayne Manor. The commissioner will see the butler loitering under an overpass. On a different note, Mazouz recently revealed that the fans could look forward to the appearance of the bats in the show soon enough.

"I know there were a lot of restrictions put on the show regarding bats early on, so I'm not sure what we're allowed to do at this point," Mazouz said. "But bats will be on the show very soon, and there will be a form of bat encounter. There will be a very clear form of that iconic moment of Bruce being afraid of bats and be having a connection to bats and it won't be in the way that it's already been done. This is a new approach and it is going to be an alternative version. But that encounter will definitely happen and it will happen fairly soon when we come back."

"Gotham" season 4 episode 12 will air on Thursday, March 1 at 8 p.m. EST on FOX.