'Gran Turismo 6' Release Confirmed by Retailers

"Gran Turismo 6" recently showed up in listings for two different retailers.

An Italian website known as Multiplayer.com now has the game available for pre-order and lists the release date for it as Nov. 28. This version will also come with placeholder art.

The first listing for "Gran Turismo 6" appeared on Newegg.com. The game was priced at $59.99, however it did not feature any cover art. The listing also highlights that the game has been discontinued, which is strange as the title has not yet been officially announced.

"Gran Turismo 6" has been in development since 2010, according to IGN.com. The existence of the title was leaked by Sony executive Michael Denny, who said that year that "Gran Turismo 6" would come to the PlayStation 3 in 2013. The recent listings seem to confirm this information.

Sony has refused to comment on the game's existence thus far. The company could use its June 10 press event at E3 to unveil more information regarding the title.

As of Sept. 2012, the "Gran Turismo" franchise has sold more than 68 million copies worldwide.

The original "Gran Turismo" burst on the scene in 1997 and was an exclusive PlayStation title. In a little over 10 years, Sony shipped over 10 million copies of the game.

The original game was praised by critics including IGN, who gave "Gran Turismo" a 9.5 out of 10.

"Gran Turismo" was successful, lead to four sequels: "Gran Turismo 2" (1999), "Gran Turismo 3 A-Spec" (2001 PS2), "Gran Turismo 4" (2005 PS2), and "Gran Turismo 5" (2010 PS3).

All of these games have been tremendously successful for Sony, so the probability of another sequel launching is quite high. The final 4 games were developed by Polyphony Digital.