'Gran Turismo Sport' News: Devs Detail New Content Coming in November Update

Update 1.06 expected to arrive on Nov. 27
Gran Turismo Sport official websiteThe IsoRivolta Zagato Vision Gran Turismo is one of the new cars coming soon to 'Gran Turismo Sport'

Update 1.06 will be released soon for "Gran Turismo Sport." And upon its arrival, it will bring plenty of notable additions to the racing sim.

As soon as players are able to download the aforementioned update, they will be able to enjoy the Livery Editor, the Scapes feature and the Campaign Mode even while they are offline.

The Scapes feature is one that players can use whenever they want to take some beautiful pictures of their cars. Using this, they can pick out where the picture will be taken and even which effects will be used.

Additional photo spots that can be selected for the Scapes feature are also coming via Update 1.06, according to a recent post on the game's official website.

Developers have offered a quick tutorial of how to use Scapes, while a guide for the Livery Editor was also previously provided. 

Notably, while the Campaign Mode, the Livery Editor and the Scapes feature can now all be accessed while offline, players will still need an online connection if they want to save their progress.

Also coming to "Gran Turismo Sport" via Update 1.06 are some gameplay changes.

A few elements of the car physics simulation model have been tweaked, and the difficulty levels for the Driving School and Mission Challenges in Campaign Mode have also been changed.

Players should also find that the judgment algorithm of the Sportsmanship Rating for races in Sport mode have been adjusted as well.

Last but not the least, Update 1.06 also adds three new cars to the game.

Once downloaded, the update will add the Audi R18 (Audi Sport Team Joest), the IsoRivolta Zagato Vision Gran Turismo and the Shelby Cobra 427 (N500) to the collection of cars available to players.

Update 1.06 is expected to be released on Nov. 27.

Following the release of Update 1.06, developers are expected to add even more new features to "Gran Turismo Sport" in December via Update 1.07.