Grand Theft Auto 5 PC Release: AMD Catalyst Driver EXE Hints at Upcoming Computer Port

GTA 5 PC's release date is becoming a little clearer as a new AMD Catalyst driver is on its way.

The AMD Catalyst driver has a support of GTA5.exe. This would suggest that a PC version is in the works. Exe is coding for a computer coding extension. AMD drivers are for graphics cards on computers among other things.

Other rumors listed in stores have listed a GTA 5 steam key to be preordered online, citing a summer 2014 release date, according to SidTech.

"The pre-orders tell us that those who pre-order will have to wait for summer next year for the release. We take the summer to mean somewhere between July and September 2014," the website writes. "You do have to take this with a pinch of salt as at the moment Rockstar have not spoken up about a released date. Personally we thought that that Rockstar would launch GTA 5 for the PC before we got to see it on the PS4 and Xbox One."

In lieu of all the Grand Theft Auto 5 PC talk, Internet scammers have set up a fake torrent of the game online that infects the unfortunate downloaders' computer with Malware.

The file is named, "GTA V Full PC Game + Crack," and takes a whopping 18GB of computer space.

See what the file looks like here.

When a user tries to download the file it takes the person to a phishing site where they ask for personal information to register the title. WCCFTech reports that the file has been downloaded thousands of times.

It even brings up the GTA 5 title screen, further fooling gamers into downloading it.

See that screen here.

Currently a petition to bring GTA 5 to the PC is over 600,000 people and constantly climbing.

Gamers and industry people initially felt GTA would make it to the PC sometime in early 2014 following the timeline of previous installments of the game.

The game reached one billion dollars in sales in just three days, making it the fastest selling piece of entertainment in history.