Grandma Convicted of Murdering Grandson; Unloaded 10 Shots as Boy Begged for Help (VIDEO)

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(Photo: YouTube/ABC News Screen Shot)Jonathan Hoffman was repeatedly shot by his grandma, Sandra Layne, who is now being charged for first degree murder for his death.

A grandma has been convicted of the second degree murder of her teenage grandson on Tuesday. Jurors found 75 year old Sandra Layne guilty despite her claims that she acted in self defense against her 17 year old grandson Jonathan Hoffman.

Layne had claimed to the court that she had had an argument with Hoffman at her suburban Detroit, Michigan home, and that as things escalated he hit her, and that she was forced to defend herself against him.

Layne unloaded 10 rounds at her own grandson, hitting him six times in the chest, abdomen and arm.

Although she was found guilty, the conviction of second degree murder means that jurors did not believe that the killing was pre-meditated.

Layne told jurors that Hoffman had demanded $2,000 from her as well as her car, so that he could leave Michigan. She claimed he told her that he had failed a drug test which violated his probation terms and that he wanted to get out of town.

Last week Layne gave evidence on the stand; explaining why she got out a gun she said, "I wanted him to pay attention to me. He had to listen. It wasn't a conversation. It was arguing. Swearing."

Hoffman was living with his grandma as his parents were going through a messy divorce.

During the court trial jurors were played a recording of a 911 call made by Hoffman. In the recording the grandson can be heard pleading for help, saying that his grandma had shot him. As he spoke on the phone, a gunshot can be heard going off as Layne shot him again.

When emergency responders arrived at the scene, officers told that Layne came out of the home with her hands up shouting, "I murdered my grandson."

Here is video footage of grandma Sandra Layne being led away from the courtroom in shackles after being convicted of second degree murder of her 17 year old grandson, Jonathan Hoffman: