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Great Commission Ministries Appoints Three New Directors

Great Commission Ministries Appoints Three New Directors

Great Commission Ministries (GCM) has reorganized its leadership at the end of 2004. "In light of organizational transitions occurring within GCM and the Great Commission church movement, some changes in the leadership of the ministry were warranted, the Great Commission Ministries Board of Directors and former President Jeff Kern agreed that three managing directors would be chosen to oversea the GCM ministry headquarters, the GCM campus church region, and the GCM Europe church region. At that time, Jeff stepped down as President and as a member of the Board.

"Greg Guevara will continue to lead the GCM ministry headquarters, Greg Van Nada will oversee the GCM campus church region, and Joe Dunn will oversee the GCM Europe church region. All three [pastors] will report directly to the GCM Board. The Board has great confidence in this experienced team to provide the leadership needed by the ministry at this time" stated the official letter from the Chairman Michael J. Etchison.

Greg Guevara has served as GCM’s Managing Vice President since January 2001, and prior to that has worked as Director of Development. Previously an attorney with Jones, Day, Reavis & Pogue in Columbus, OH, Guevara graduated from the University of Michigan, he has been involved with the Great Commission movement since 1985, and was ordained as a pastor in 2000.

Greg Van Nada most recently served as GCM’s Vice President of Leadership Development and was a member of the team that founded GCM in 1989. He has served GCM’s campus churches for over 20 years - his experience in the Great Commission movement dating back to 1978. Nada has a Bachelors degree in Biblical Theology from Moody Bible Institute and a Masters of Counseling degree from Reformed Theological Seminary in Orlando, FL.

Joe Dunn, has also been a part of the Great Commission movement for quite some time - since 1979. He joined GCM as Ministry Team Development Director in 1991, and acted as Director of Missions Mobilization since 2001, which developed the support raising system for GCM missionaries.

Guevara, Nada and Dunn will continue to work closely with the members of GCM’s National Equipping Team and, during this next year, will explore additional ways to serve the "growing movement of churches" within GCM.

"We are encouraged about GCM, its leadership, and its future of continuing excellence in service to the Lord," stated Etchinson.

GCM's vision is to create "churches for the next generation" by fulfilling the Great Commission of Jesus Christ. Its strategy has been "to plant and subsequently develop" churches in the United States and overseas that tell the story of Christ in the language of the emerging generation.

They have established a ministry presence on 44 U.S. campuses and in 23 countries. Since 1996, more than 2000 people have been sent on 160 Short Term Mission (STM) trips to Asia, Latin America, and Europe, with new plans to launch One Year, a missions immersion program. Since 1996, over 2400 college students have experienced LT, a summer missions program that grows and develops leaders.

"The goal of GCM has always been to be a part of reaching the entire world with the Gospel of Christ. We believe that God is using us specifically to reach young people, and our churches and programs are all aimed at winning the hearts of the emerging generation" (


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