Greg Laurie: In Defense of Mass Evangelism

Evangelist Greg Laurie answered critics who have argued that "mass-evangelism," or what can also be described as huge Christian outreach events, are somehow an ineffective way of presenting the Gospel, by posting a list of reasons the method is still relevant.

"Some critics of what we do in the Harvest Crusades would say that 'mass-evangelism' is not really a valid way to reach people," writes Pastor Laurie.

He then explains that Pastor Jarrett Stephens, who is the teaching pastor of Prestonwood Baptist Church led by his friend, Pastor Jack Graham, wrote an excellent article about the topic.

Stephens writes that much is debated today about whether or not mass-evangelism still has a place in the Church.

"Questions regarding the relevancy of evangelistic campaigns, festivals or 'crusades' as they have been referred to in the past are numerous and a simple Google search of 'mass evangelism,' will leave one wondering if large scale, evangelistic events are still valid today," Stephens states.