Gretchen Rossi Slams Heather Dubrow for Talking 'Behind My Back'

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(PHOTO) Bravotv.comHeather Dubrow (R) is seen confronting Alexis Bellino as Gretchen Rossi (L) watches on

"Real Housewives of Orange County" star Gretchen Rossi has hit back at claims that she lied about an acting gig.

The 35-year-old reality TV star was previously at the center of controversy during a discussion that took place between her co-stars Heather Dubrow, Tamra Barney, Vicki Gunvalson and Lydia McLaughlin. Rossi recently denied that she is a liar after Dubrow revealed that producers of the TV sitcom, "Malibu Country," denied offering her a role on the show despite her claims.

"The truth is I was called by my agent and they said that Malibu Country called and said that they wanted me to come and play myself and [they asked], 'Was I available these dates?' It was over a five day time period," Rossi told

During the group discussion, which is expected to air in an upcoming episode, it was alleged that Rossi told Barney and Dubrow, who was cast on the TV show, that she too was also offered a part. Dubrow openly questioned this to her co-stars.

"What happened was after the table read I was talking to the casting directors and I said 'hey you know my girlfriend, Gretchen Rossi, told me that she was offered a part on this show' and he said 'no.' He said 'she wasn't offered anything,'" Dubrow told the stunned group.

Rossi, who has previously been accused of lying in a similar incident, lashed out at Dubrow for talking behind her back to their fellow co-stars.

"Obviously, I am bummed that she wouldn't have come to me and had that conversation with me and that she chose to do it behind my back with all the other women... Which I don't really feel like it was appropriate," she said about Dubrow.

During the season seven reunion show Rossi was confronted by fan favorite, Alexis Bellino, over a TV gig on Fox5. Rossi claimed she too was offered a role with the TV station however Bellino revealed that producers said that this was not true.

"Everybody should have learned last year [that I am telling the truth]," Rossi said. "After the whole Fox5 thing that went down — at the reunion I had proof that I got offered it."