'Grey's Anatomy' Season 10 Spoilers: Dr. Richard Webber's Fate

The season premiere of ABC hit medical drama "Grey's Anatomy" aired last night Thursday, Sept. 26. Many of last season's cliffhangers were answered, including the fate of Dr. Richard Webber. Read on to see what James Pickens Jr. has to say about his character Dr. Webber and his survival, but be wary of spoilers.

Many fans breathed a sigh of relief when they learned that Dr. Webber survived. However, he isn't totally fine either. He has to undergo major surgeries and deal with a tough recovery process. The actor who plays Dr. Webber, James Pickens Jr., offered some hints as to how Dr. Webber will handle the recovery.

"He's not going to be dealing with it well. This is a man who is very proud. This is a man who led people. He was a mentor, he was an administrator. When he walked by, folks hustled. When he barked, they listened. Now, he's a man who is in a bed and dependent on others," Pickens explained to TVGuide.com. "His physical presence is no longer what it was. He doesn't deal with it well."

"The physical manifestations of being electrocuted are something he has to deal with," he continued. "There's a whole element of self-pity, fear and anger and all the ranges of emotions folks have after something that's so traumatic. It's going to be a journey for him in terms of dealing with that and making this uphill climb back to where he feels that he is vital again."

Pickens also spoke to how Webber's girlfriend will aid in his recovery.

"She's going to be there as he recovers. She's very happy for the fact that she was able to be part of that team that helped in his recovery. She knows she's going to have to be hard on him because of the man that he is; he is not a very good patient. She's going to see that," the actor revealed.

"She is going to have to muster up every bit of patience, calm and decorum that she can to try to see him through this. He knows that it's for his best, but he doesn't want to hear that right now. He's angry, he's afraid, he doesn't know what the future holds for him in terms of his physical well-being," he added.